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Fastrak Construction Management is your "eye's and ears" throughout the project life cycle. There is a professional and confidential relationship between Fastrak CM and our clients' which is similar to the relationship between a client and their Attorney or Accountant.

We can provide services at any point during the project life-cycle. We are most effective when retained during design when the scope of the project is being developed and opportunities for cost savings are greatest.

Fastrak Construction Management takes significant pride in serving our clients. We also take pride in the fact that we will not accept a project just to show a project backlog. If we cannot benefit our client or if upon evaluation of a project we feel we lack the expertise, we will respectfully decline the opportunity.

We also will not simply provide a "body" just to fill a position on an existing client project team. All candidates submitted for a project will either be current employees of Fastrak Construction Management with a proven track record or candidates that have been thoroughly pre-screened and interviewed. If we do not currently have a qualified employee or cannot find a qualified candidate, we will respectfully decline the opportunity.